Wake Up, Sleepyhead: Sounds From Nowhere is Back

A Note from the Editorial desk of Sounds From Nowhere.

It hasn’t been that long since the apocalypse was prioritized, with the pandemic unfortunately taking away lives, livelihoods, and live music.

Sounds From Nowhere, much like other publications, went on a hiatus in-order to focus on other tangible things, and our team went off into different spaces.

Sounds From Nowhere was founded by students in April 2016, and grew exponentially into a well-rounded, surprisingly enjoyed live music publication and champion of the local sound.

If you click on our new section, Pre-Pandemic Archive, you can view our reviews and work from before this relaunch, it includes our coverage of large acts like Paul McCartney, Roger Waters, Arcade Fire, Father John Misty, and local heroes and legends such as Trudy and the Romance, She Drew the Gun, Zuzu, Queen Zee, Bathymetry, and a heck of a lot more.

We’re excited to bring content back to Sounds From Nowhere, and continue to showcase new sounds, and the ones that you already know and love, especially whenever they come into town. Catch us, masked up, at your local venue in the near future.

We’re also on the lookout for new photographers, and writers! If you wish to get out there, and get to see some of the best acts in-person, feel free to email SoundsFromNowhere[@]outlook.com.

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