Father John Misty, Bedouine, Liverpool Eventim Olympia, 27/10/2018

In the current sense, Father John Misty is an artist like no other. The songwriter with narcism, witt, romanticism and that slight hint of optamism, surely knows how to write an album or two, or four.

Tonight, he’s returned to Liverpool in support of his fourth album God’s Favourite Customer, and he’s definitely on his game tonight.

However, beforehand, he’s supported by Armenian songwriter Bedouine, who brings her delicate and beautiful sounds to the waiting.

Skyline“, “Nice and Quiet“, “Back To You“, “Solitary Daughter“, a delightful cover of Elton John‘s Tumbleweed Connection deep-cut “Come Down in Time” and “One of These Days“, all captivating and held with a wonderful sense of sonder.

Twenty minutes later, the lights go out and we’re treated to that strikingly familiar guitar into to “Hollywood Cemetery Forever Sings“, as Father John Misty and his band arrives.

Following into God’s Favourite Customer cut, “Mr. Tillman“, and “Disappointing Diamonds are the Rarest of Them All“, we’re already quickly accustomed to how sharp Misty and his band are tonight.

Notably, the witty Misty acknowledges the sold-out crowd’s enthusiasm. Last time, Misty seemed off and didn’t really say a word. But tonight is the right place at the right time.

Quickly, he dives back into his catalogue, pulling a Fear Fun and a I Love You, Honeybear song each, with “Nancy From Now On” and “Chateau Lobby #4“. Unlike the studio tracks, the brass section is replaced by a mean guitar tonight.

Total Entertainment Forever” seems to get the biggest open applause of the night, the well-worn single from tonight’s supported affair. It’s followed by “Things It Would Have Been Helpful To Know Before The Revolution“, which sees a wandering Father John Misty, showing his often bipolar-like preforming side, either composed and aware, or downright mad and moving.

Ballad of the Dying Man“, “Hangout at the Gallows“, and “Only Son of a Ladiesman” follow suit.

“Wouldn’t you rather be at home eating a lamb curry with a bottle of Shiraz right now instead of out here in the cold?”, Misty jokes to the crowd. “I can’t get the imagine out of my head now of me and the band all under one blanket with a lamb curry and a bottle of Shiraz”, as a vocal crowd member yells back “about time!”

“You’re cheering us on like we’re Ross and Rachel” he replies before entering “Nothing Good Ever Happens at the Goddamn Thirty Crow“, and followed by “When The God of Love Returns There’ll Be Hell to Pay” and his encore last time “I Went To The Store One Day“.

His band returns after the last solo number, “Please Don’t Die” and his, arguably biggest song once written for Lady Gaga, “Real Love Baby” make their appearance.

It’s hard to comprehend simply how great Misty and his band are tonight. “God’s Favourite Customer” and “Pure Comedy” show next, with Misty again showing his chatty side.

“The next song is off my last album Pure Comedy, and I think there is yoga pants with the cover printed on the store…that’s my idea of funny” he laughs, before a few minutes of tuning and quick drink, “I’ve just gotten word that the yoga pants are now sold out”, as he enters “Pure Comedy“, which features the band breaking down towards the end in almost epic fashion.

The big loud sounds of Misty‘s band fades away, as he ends his set with “Holy Shit“, his commentary on religion, which is still awe-inspiring even years after it’s Honeybear appearance.

After a minute or two, they return. “You’ve asked for it, here we are. We’ve done all the songs we set out too, except the ones listed here on the setlist under the heading encore.”

“I should really get on with it, this is becoming sort of a Seinfeld joke, hey what’s the deal with encores?”.

The Palace” practically completes God’s Favourite Customer, and “I Love You, Honeybear” pleases the audience who fell for him during his peak at that phase a few years back, while the riotus and fun “Date Night” ends the set with a huge bang, with Misty‘s famed shape-throwing getting the crowd wilder.

While, it’ll likely be a few years until Tillman returns to Liverpool again, this is what we’ll remember when he does, his spellbinding, riotus performance at the Olympia.

Words by Jack Cinnamond.

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