Seafoam Green Return Once Again with The Last Waltz at the Philharmonic Hall

Dave O’Grady has been longstanding songwriter and general troubadour building his experience across the world, and he’s gotten pretty great at it.

Since Seafoam Green‘s debut album Topanga Mansion, in-which O’Grady worked extensively with revered musician and producer Rich Robinson, founding member of The Black Crowes, he has grown into a premiere artist across the board.

However, greatly, O’Grady allows his influences to shine through Seafoam Green, namly the legendary outfit The Band.

Last year, Seafoam Green preformed The Band‘s The Last Waltz, a remarkable farewell for music’s greatest folk-rock band originally taking place on November 25th 1976, in-full with special guests at the Philharmonic Hall Music Room.

Mellowtone have proudly announced that Seafoam Green‘s The Last Waltz will return this November, this time taking-up the main hall at The Philharmonic Hall.

Seafoam Green‘s The Last Waltz returns on November 16th to the Philharmonic Hall. Tickets are on-sale now.

Photography by Andrew AB.

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