Hooton Tennis Club Members Return with Seatbelts, First Single Revealed

Featuring members of Hooton Tennis Club, a brand new project Seatbelts has arrived with a debut single and promises of an EP.

Seatbelts, featuring Ryan Murphy and James Madden of local music stalwarts Hooton Tennis Club, are set to release their first single “Hey, Hey Tiger” on Rooftop Records on March 30th, with a following EP Songs For Vonnegut in the near-future.

Armed with strange dizzy sounds, delayed harmonies, and listen-carefully lyrics that affix to the band’s inside view of a socially awkward, strange world, Seatbelts couldn’t sound more fresh on this take and show that comparisons with Hooton Tennis Club are in namesake only.


Hooton Tennis Club‘s latest album Big Box of Chocolates was named our City Album of The Year in 2016, the day the band played the Invisible Wind Factory.

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