Cal Ruddy Sets Course For His Debut Album

Liverpool’s own Cal Ruddy is bringing his vintage bluesy country sound to record with the help of you lovely people.

23 year old Cal is a singer/ songwriter based in Liverpool and is considered one of the most exciting songwriters on the scene.

Last year saw Cal embark on a musical journey to the hometown of country, Nashville, where he worked alongside some of the top songwriters and producers working on creating new music for his upcoming debut album Elliston Place, and while Cal hopes to return to America to Texas year after receiving an offer to perform at Austin’s grand showcase that is SXSW, 2018 Is shaping up to be the triumphant of his career so far.

Cal now embarks on his adventure of getting his music out to the world in album form with producer Steve Powell, who has worked with Liverpool troubadours Mick Head and Edgar Jones, alongside the likes of Scouse sonic-travellers The Stairs, at the helm. The album has been described as a well balanced mix of country and old style rockabilly with some strong Americana influences tied together with Cal’s resounding vocals.

The album will be made with the aid of the PledgeMusic platform, so your support is the reason this album is being made and of course, the more you pledge the more you are contributing to getting
the album out there into the world.

Each pledge will come with different perks such as the album itself on CD or download, mugs, badge sets, signed lyric sheets and if you really wanted to push the boat out how about the opportunity of a acoustic
house gig.

You can pledge now at PledgeMusic.

Words by Jess Sharpe, photography by Andrew Shaw.

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