Preview: Independent Venue Week 2018

Independent Venue Week is right around the corner and many venues in the city are celebrating your local venues and you should be too!

Venues like The 27 Club are celebrating all week, here are the gig listings for EBGBs and The Jacaranda.

  • Red Rum Club take to EBGBs on Monday January 29th for Vinyl Junkie, joined by The Cheap Thrills, The Bohos and Brooklin.
  • GetIntoThis bring Stealing Sheep to EBGBs on Tuesday January 30th for a huge DJ set with support from Dave McCabe’s Silent-K, Pale Rider and Vain Male.
  • EVOL bring their best with Bribes on Wednesday January 31st with Three From Above and The Boston Shakers.
  • Polar States headline EBGBs on Thursday February 1st with currently unannounced support.
  • Friday February 2nd has Spirit of Punk bringing glam-punks Generation to the basement with Arno and The Elephant Trees as back-up.
  • Saturday February 3rd has Vinyl Junkie bringing in Frank Turner for a very special, sold out, set at EBGBs returning to the city since his sold-out Guild of Students show last year.
  • and finally, after Turner is done, EVOL returns to form bringing Peach Fuzz, The Mysterines and The Movamahs in for a raucous show.
  • The final gig on Sunday, sees Vinyl Junkie bring Bang Bang Romero to the basement with Life at the Arcade, Mad Alice and Noah Noah to end IVW 2018 for EBGBs.

Meanwhile, The Jacaranda hits a home run also in their IVW celebrations.

  • Monday 29th January at the Jacaranda sees False Advertising return back into town with a boss support bill including Déjà Vega, Spark and SPLIT.
  • Softlad Promotions bring an incredible array of bands to The Jac on Tuesday January 30th with Strangers, Salvador Band, The Entire City and Chris Atherton.
  • Edgar ‘Jones’ Jones brings his guitar and records to the 30-capacity Jac main room on January 31st for an intimate night with the local legend.
  • GetIntoThis has Strange Collective man Ali Horn headlining the basement on February 1st with Emilio Pinchi and Charity Shop Pop.
  • Favourites Salt The Snail bring their Snailmania show to the Jac on February 2nd and be prepared for chaos as they’re joined by Society of Losers‘ standouts Wife, Vuromatics and Bisch Nadar.
  • Finally, pink-ones Bido Lito! join the fray on February 3rd when they bring Pure Joy, Jo Mary and The Blurred Sun Band to The Jacaranda to end IVW.

So get down and support your local venues, the tickets are cheap as chips and we recommend nearly every single show.

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