Deaf School, Invisible Wind Factory 09/12/2017

The lights are up and the feeling is in the air and it’s not really because of Christmas itself, more-so the fact that Deaf School were back in town.

The bright Liverpool legends aren’t just shy of the city, they rarely play anywhere but now that their first album in 39 years is tightly in the bag, it’s time for their Christmas party to make a well deserved return.

Tonight, they balanced their set between the classics of their heyday (or more likely Liverpool’s musical heyday) and their newest tunes.

The crowd are here in spades, and you can tell the more casuals from the big-time fans. Although, all here for Deaf School and that’s certain.

The band is consistently fun, always. That’s why after forty years, Deaf School is still adored.

After the band says goodbye, the crowd begs for more and they oblige with not one, but two encores.

The handkerchiefs fly as the show ends, we can’t wait for see what 2018 has planned for Deaf School but what we know is that it will be unmissable.

Words by Jack Cinnamond, Photo courtesy of Mike Belshaw (and Deaf School’s Facebook).

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