Happy Mondays, Liverpool Olympia 01/12/2017

Madchester legends Happy Mondays take to the stage at the Liverpool Olympia to step-on with a smashing show.

The bitter nights of December kick-off with the Madchester heroes Happy Mondays make their welcomed return to Liverpool.

With a shining catalogue of rave classics, the Mondays a true, classic British ’90s band.

While the Mondays are about to set the Olympia alight, the anticipation in the air doesn’t defeat the feeling of the overly aggressive crowd.

To be honest, this is likely the worst crowd I’ve been apart of. Everybody shoving each other, fights for no reason, everybody with drugs all over the show. We’ve seen it before, but they’re usually quiet about at it.

It doesn’t help that the Olympia (often SFN‘s favourite venue) let themselves down. I’ve got no idea why they think it’s a great idea to sell glass bottles in a gig venue, and why there’s zero security in-sight apart from Navy Seal Team Six on the doors outside.

You’ve got that and the crowd who don’t get “gig going etiquette” and think that being a knobhead to everyone because the only two gigs you’ve been to in the past 30 years are Madness and the Happy Mondays, so you’re allowed. You’re not.

The craziest part, among all this, The Happy Mondays are actually brilliant tonight.

They come on to huge applause, the brawls and none-sense has calmed, “Loose Fit” and “Kinky Afro” lead the way.

They look great, Shaun Ryder stands towards the back joking about his missing belt (and subsequently gains one from a fan), Bez bounces about and the band plays it as it is.

For just over an hour, the Mondays show that they can actually still go. “Dennis and Lois”, “Hallelujah“, “Donovan“, “Clap Your Hands” flood the early half, exploiting the fact that the crowd wants to jump about.

Although it’s the final half of the set that gets the room on-fire, “Rave On“, “Freaky Dancin’“, “24 Hour Party People” and their closing classic “Step On“.

Material from all records are shown, but the legendary Pills, Thrills & Bellyaches is getting a huge show as it should tonight.

They’re not missing a step, a brilliant performance from a band that are often forgotten to be a live powerhouse.

The encore, “Wrote For Luck“, explodes with the packed Olympia as they move-it one last time.

There’s definitely plenty going to the after party.

Words by Jack Cinnamond. Photography by James Ainsworth.

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