WRONG Festival Destroys Again feat. Future of the Left, Damo Suzuki and More

Liverpool‘s maniacal freakscene festival WRONG will return to the Docklands in Liverpool on April 28th 2018 with an amazing bill featuring Future of the Left, former CAN frontman Damo Suzuki, HARK, Mugstar, Hey Colossus and more.

23473185_1569318406457386_3017641613468386225_n The perfectly curated bill by the WRONG and Loner Noise team crafts a day of noise, experimentation and freakscene brilliance. Among the headliners and top-bill, Kagoule, Sex Swing, The St. Pierre Snake Invasion, Alpha Male Tea Party, Milo’s Planes, Grey Hairs and much more to be announced.

WRONG takes place at the Invisible Wind Factory, Northshore Troubadour and more. Tickets are on-sale and are a pure steal! Buy them right here.

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