Liverpool Music Week 2017 Closing Party feat. Everything Everything, Perfume Genius & More, Invisible Wind Factory 04/11/2017

Liverpool Music Week 2017 ends as it begins, with one massive party, this time it’s  a terrific bill at the Invisible Wind Factory and Northshore Troubadour featuring Everything Everything, Perfume Genius, She Drew The Gun and more. 

There’s nothing really like a Liverpool Music Week Closing Party, the amount of sheer talent on the same bill is dreamlike, from the local best to the outside greats making their appearance, and it gets better every year. However, if you’re a regular on the scene, you may have seen it all before. 

There’s a reason why tonight has topped every other LMW Closing Party in the past, it’s a massive styles clash. You’ve got the mixed bill on the IWF main stage, grime in the minuscule IWF Substation and an unholy amount of psych in the Northshore Troubadour. There’s something for everyone. 

We started off with Trudy and The Romance on the Invisible Wind Factory main stage, their mutant-pop stylings never get old. In-fact, with additions of new songs since we last met, they’ve gotten better. Always a treat. 

Trudy and The Romance, photography by James Ainsworth.

Afterwards, we ran to the brilliant Northshore Troubadour next door to catch FUSS, but stopped by Jo Mary on the way. Mary’s final number of their sparky garage set was triumphed by them having almost a nation of people on-stage. Truly an entertaining band. 

FUSS brought their fuzzy psych Sounds next, the ModernSky UK act are naturally great every time we’ve caught them, their drone-bleeding soundscapes are exceptional and their attitude often calm. Strange band with their fingers on the pulse of their choosing. 

Dreamy scousers She Drew The Gun stepped up next at the Invisible Wind Factory main stage, with their lyrically driven psych-pop tunes. They’re a city favourite and were constantly set out to be. 

She Drew The Gun, photography by James Ainsworth

Strange Collective fuzzed up the Northshore Troubadour with their always raw psychedelic racket. While playing new tunes, it’s still their favourites that click-on. We’re still very sure “Super Touchy” is the greatest song ever, or at least it feels like it every time they play it. 

Over in the IWF Substation, Scottish MC Shogun brought his blasting grime output to the table, showing that the explosive grime scene isn’t just from London. The crowd hangs off every throw and the energy is dangerous fun, exactly what everybody wanted. 

Perfume Genius took over the IWF’s main stage with his unique, acclaimed sounds. He’s really something magical, expressing his identity through movements and his sincere, fresh dream-pop.

Constantly defining gravity, it’s his sound that keeps the room keen. His opener, “Otherside“, delicately shows what Perfume Genius is, soothing and beautiful until – bang – his band expands into utterly intoxicating chaos. There’s not few like him, and we can honestly confirm Perfume Genius is the best we’ve seen during this year’s festival. 

Perfume Genius, photography by Jess Sharpe.
Downstairs again, grime titan AJ Tracey brings unadulterated heat to the room, with everybody hooked onto his lyrical onslaught. With an Album of The Year contender in his pocket and attractive live sets up his sleeve, AJ Tracey could be the gem of the scene. 

Everything Everything explode with their headline set, the dazzling ever-changing Manchester four-piece are on a high currently, at their peak, and it doesn’t look like they’re coming down any time soon. 

Everything Everything, photography by James Ainsworth.

The best thing about Everything Everything’s ever-exploring patterns is that no two songs sound the same and that’s heavenly in a live setting. 
Their latest effort is less challenging than their previous work but no less fun and with the crowd hooked there’s nothing they could do wrong.

Their final song “No Reptiles” shows their strange side, but acts like a celebratory adventure. It’s like they’re closing a party or something. 

That’s it for Liverpool Music Week, the best yet. 

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