White Lies, Black Honey, Invisible Wind Factory 14/10/2017

Based as the finale of their tour, White Lies light-up the Invisible Wind Factory backed by hotly-tipped newcomers Black Honey. Jack Cinnamond has the words. 

Black Honey bring their sounds to the IWF once again, showing why they’re one of the biggest hotly-tipped bands around today. Even with monitor failures, the band are on-fire with no sign of the flame dying soon. 

Debuting a new song and playing their best, the band were making their mark and gladly so. 

Black Honey, photography by James Ainsworth.

“Seven Wonders” by Fleetwood Mac ends as the lights drop low, the waiting, patient crowd erupt as White Lies finally arrive and immediately burst into “Take It Out on Me“. 

It’s a visible sign of a beloved band when fresh songs of their touring album Friends are treated like long-time companions, inciting rioutus sing-a-longs. It’s not been long since their Sound City set (reasoning for the ticket-based move from the Guild of Students to the much better IWF), but the fans are here. 

They’re a no-nonsense band that sound driven by nostalgia however treated very much-so like an indie-rock phenomenon, both of which they are. It’s not surprising that a band that sounds keen to Teardop Explodes is loved by the city.

White Lies, photography by James Ainsworth.

Their broody ideals seemed out-of-the-window by time of the fourth song “Hold Back Your Love” as the band embraces their indie crowd. 

Their hour-and-a-half set bleeds their synth-leading post-punk showing off tracks from every album in their repertoire, including standouts like “Streetlights“. 

Their final number is dedicated to the city, with frontman Harry McViegh proclaiming “I don’t think there’s a city that loves music more than Liverpool” before bleeding into “Death“. 

White Lies, photography by James Ainsworth.

Some leave as usual, but regrettably. The band return for two final numbers, “Big TV” and of course, “Bigger Than Us” which ends with a huge fanfare, confetti raining on their adoring crowd. 

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