Loner Noise FreakScene All-Dayer, IWF Substation 14/10/2017

Crushing noise from the IWF Substation basement as Loner Noise brings all their roster out to play on a cold Saturday. Jess Sharpe and Jack Cinnamond have the words. 

Unfortunate timing leads to us missing Bleach Sweets, an act that’s bringing hype currently on their way out-of-our-mouths, however after being stopped by WRONG & Elevant man Michael Edward, he strongly states they “were fucking boss”, and we trust his word. 

After all, today is madness of his design, just as WRONG is. This precursor to next year’s alternative, beloved loveletter to a freak-scene built inside the sewers and underground of the city of music. 

…and it’s brilliant to see noisy and experimental individuals not afraid to face a more mainstream choice upstairs. 

So, the first band to take the stage as we arrived were favourites Salt The Snail. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, Salt The Snail are the funnest and funniest DIY punks on the scene. 

Salt The Snail, photography by James Ainsworth.

Throwing out ping-pong balls to pick songs, showing off their unique brand of StS merch (including Salt The Snail salt) and prizes as usual. However they’re not a gimmick band, they actually bring intense hilarious songs such as “LazerQuest“, “Ideas Man” and “Spanish Announce Table” to the stage (and accompanying floor) every time. 

Sounds From Nowhere premieres Black Pudding‘s “Wooden Butty“. Listen Now.

Following on, Black Pudding bring it next, their quick-fire punk stylings with Cramps-esque guitar infused, this is an act to keep your best eye on. They’re gloomy and always sound quite pissed-off, but that’s just the bright-spark in them, and they go off like a flame in the night. 

Black Pudding, photography by James Ainsworth.

Returning dynamic post-rockers Pocket Apocalypse heat up next, masterfully collect vital instrumentation and powerful vocals that aren’t depended on. The band’s instrumental number placed near the end of their set shows off their big rock sound that could go to war with anyone on the same bill. 

Pocket Apocalypse, photography by James Ainsworth.

Kapil Seshasayee brought his inventive sounds down into the Substation. His textured complex rock works so well with the balance of his whimsical vocal range which had the crowd lost in his forest of art rock sounds.*

Noisy Deeside rockers Gravves thrash their way onto the stage with a heavy set packed full with songs from there there EP RATTLE, featuring songs like “My Pet Rihanna” which really shows off the pure noise and energy this band gives.*

SPQR, photography by James Ainsworth.

The explosive rising alternative rock band SPQR arrive afterwards. This is a band that everyone seemed really hyped for, returning after a while away. Their keen burst of energy really helped in keeping everyone positive as the night was getting on and people where getting tired. With the band’s debut EP coming soon, the band definitely deserves all the hype it was building last night.*

Elevant, photography by James Ainsworth.

The final performance of the night came from scene leaders Elevant, a band everyone came for and lasted through the night just to see. Their high energy site proved just why this band are one of the stand out bands of the freak-scene, their lively performance kept the crowd dancing and head banging from start to finish until the moment where the stage was invaded by enthusiastic audience members taking over playing bass and beating the literal shit out of the drums, simply the perfect end to this gritty freak gig.*

Words by Jess Sharpe* and Jack Cinnamond

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