Wife, Salt The Snail, Forever in Debt, Drop The Dumbulls 09/09/2017

Society of Losers bring a fiery bill to Drop The Dumbulls to celebrate the release of Wife‘s first label EP and we sent along Pip Johnson to catch the noise. 

You’re always in for a treat when Society of Losers organise an event and this time it was no different. With a launch party for Wife’s new EP Cake Ahead and Forever In Debt and Salt The Snail as Support it really was a great party. 

Forever in Debt, photography by Pip Johnson.

Going into Drop The Dumbulls you did not know who the opening act was going to be as
the members of Salt The Snail and Forever in Debt were going to flip a coin to decide who
would play first, Salt The Snail won, so Forever In Debt were first. They brought their dark
grunge style which was a nice match way to open the night and got us ready for the night.  

Salt The Snail, photography by Pip Johnson.

Next up was obviously Salt The Snail. They brought their usual larger than life set, with
frontman Krystian running around while pumping out their punk sound. Much like many
other salt the snail sets, the set list was completely random with Krystian throwing paper
aeroplanes into the audience with song titles written on them. Salt The Snail are always a
joy to watch no matter what as they bring a type of joy to shows which not many other bands do.  

Wife, photography by Pip Johnson.

Finally it was time for the main act, Wife! Wife are one of our cities best up and coming
band. Playing a set mixed with songs from their EP Cake Ahead and other songs not
included on it, they had the audience hooked from start to finish with everyone in the
audience of all ages enjoying the pure noise/grunge they were witnessing. Their set was an
amazing experience and prove that the city is never short of fresh talent around any corner. 

Words and photography by Pip Johnson.

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