Poly Styrene Celebration Tomorrow at BME Liverpool

Tuesday, August 1st will see a celebration of a punk icon at the British Music Experience in Liverpool with a special in-conversation all in honour of punk-hero Poly Styrene, frontwoman of the deliberate underachievers X-Ray Spex.

John Robb, famed writer and frontman of The Membranes, will be talking to Poly Styrene’s daughter Celeste Ball and writer Zoë Howe who have recently announced two collaborations celebrating Styrene, including the book Dayglo: The Creative Life Of Poly Styrene and the documentary film Poly Styrene: I Am A Cliché.

Styrene is one of the most fascinating figures in punk rock, with her braces-bound look and siren-esque voice she tackled issues such as mental health and the trends against women in music during a time where she reigned as queen of the underachieving greats X-Ray Spex.

Tickets and more information is available here.

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