Phoenix – Ti Amo REVIEW

The French indie-pop favourites return with a pure fun disco-led record during turbulent times. 

It’s hard to top a chart-topping album, but is it necessary? Phoenix don’t have this problem as they return with a new album Ti Amo which features far less guitars and a lot more movement. 

The band decidedly hit the disco trail quite heavily on their fifth album, a genre that still quite few are pushing into the new age (notably Arcade Fire‘s flawless attempt and Katy Perry‘s woeful try) but it works for Phoenix. 

The album opener, and lead single, “J-Boy” instantly showcases the band’s new style with it’s catchy, cool vibe and frontman Thomas Mars‘ almost-adoring vocals. It’s not the best look at the band, but one that is fresh and respectable. 

The album doesn’t really become powered until the appearance of tracks “Telefono” and “Goodbye Soleil“, which really shows a pure Pheonix at their brightest and best. 

At times, the album feels a little lost in the cause. Their new terrific style is keen to the ears but the material comes and goes throughout, never creating anything really special.

While the well-produced fresh take for Phoenix feels a tad thin and is the fun record that the band seemed to be hoping fun, it’s nothing really more. However, whether it needs to be more is a question that fans may have to answer individually. 

  • Ti Amo by Phoenix
  • Released June 9th 2017
  • Glassnote 
  • Rating: 72/100

Phoenix‘s Ti Amo is now available on Glassnote.

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