Queen Zee & The Sasstones Release Debut Single “Sissy Fists” 

The rise of Queen Zee & The Sasstones now at full-force with the release of the band’s debut single “Sissy Fists”, SFN’s Pip Johnson reviewed the single and gave us more.

Today, local punk rockers and our friends in Queen Zee and The Sasstones released their debut single “Sissy Fists” through Nice Swan Records.

The track starts off with a grungy bass line and quickly kicks into the full band with loud wailing guitars and fast drums and Zee’s punk rock vocals, nothing you wouldn’t expect from a Queen Zee song, especially if you have seen them live or heard their demo EPs Hate Male and Demo Tape 16.
If you have listened to their demo albums it may take a while to adjust to the sound the song has as this time it has the previously mentioned opening bass line which is highly prominent throughout the entire song and doesn’t get washed out by the other instruments, as well as more group vocals and despite the higher production value it doesn’t lose any of the punk rock feel the song has.

Sissy Fists” is also incredibly catchy, I’m finding it hard to write this review as I keep on singing along to it and headbanging to it’s monstrous sound. “Sissy Fists” is an amazing debut for Queen Zee and The Sasstones and makes you want to raise your own sissy fists and headbang along.

They are hosting a release party to celebrate the release of their debut single on June 3rd at Drop The Dumbulls with MARY MiLLER, Crywank and Witch Fever supporting. It is donation entry and all proceeds will be going to Action for Trans Health! Be there to raise your sissy fists to an night of awesome music.

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