When McCartney Killed The Beatles

47 years ago today, Paul McCartney finally and preemptively ended The Beatles with his debut solo album McCartney.

However late to the solo attempt party Paul McCartney was, his debut solo album quite naturally killed The Beatles far earlier than the others would’ve thought. 

On April 17th 1970, Paul McCartney finally released his debut solo album McCartney to the world, while the attempt was musically insignificant and generally received unfavourably, it held a more important underline to it, the end of the Fab Four

With promotional copies of the record came a self-interview press release from McCartney which included Paul confirming the end of the band. While a very smart and dubious promotional tool, the announcement came to disdain from bandmate John Lennon who of course wanted to do it himself. 

Breaking away from The Beatles was a inevitable move for Paul, however the album itself was far less interesting and even as good as what it should have been. 

While featuring the astonishing single “Maybe I’m Amazed”, the album was a dull solo attempt from the man capable of much more. 

Maybe it was the rush of getting his album out before the final Beatles record Let It Be, which Paul very vocally refused to push his back for, or maybe it was because Paul hid himself away from musicians to pull it off himself, the only other opinion to listen to was Linda‘s. 

While it spent two weeks at the #2 chart spot (after the great Simon & Garfunkel album Bridge Over Troubled Water) it never pulled off any great feet, meanwhile the following year featured John Lennon‘s Imagine, which inevitably blew McCartney out of the water. 

While McCartney will forever be a signature for the end of the greatest band of all-time, the album simply failed to live up to any feat and was even heavily suppased by Paul‘s future work including his Wings act. 

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