OHHMs, Hark, Gravves, EBGBs 14/04/2017

On a soaking Friday evening, our staff photographer and occasional writer Pip Johnson went down to EGBGs for a
night of pure noise as Loner Noise presented a night co-headlined by OHHMs and Hark.

First act of the night was Welsh rockers Gravves who played a short and pleasant set,
featuring songs of their debut EP Rattle including “Tribes” and “Monster Truck”. While I
enjoyed the band, there was a few technical problems with mics not working well, which was really was a shame as they were really undeniably good. 

Gravves, photography by Phil Johnson.

After a short break Swansea noisemakers Hark took to the stage, with a massive bass drum at
the back of the stage you knew you were in for a set of loud, floor shaking treat. 

Hark, photography by Phil Johnson.

The crowd quickly turned into a sea of hair
with seemingly everyone in the crowd head banging along to their heavy tunes greatly leaving everyone in anticipation for the main event of the night.  

Close to 9:50, OHHMs took the stage, and you could tell that the audience was ready
for what they were about to experience, the band started off slow but quickly turned things
up to eleven with their melodic sound as the sea of hair once again returned with everyone
head banging along. 

OHHMs, photography by Phil Johnson.

By the end of the first song it was clear that something was up with the
lead singer as it was hard to hear his vocals, he went on to apologise as he had lost his voice,
the crowd didn’t seem to mind though. Due to this, sadly, the set had to be cut short to only 3
songs but the length of the songs more than made up for the number of them and overall
was a great end to the night.

Words and photography by Phil Johnson.

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