FIRST LISTEN: Black Pudding Announces “Wooden Butty” Single

The Leeds garage rock aces Black Pudding have announced the follow-up to their debut track and we’ve got the first listen of the single “Wooden Butty” and it’s b-side companion “Coffin Dodgers”.

The humorous and loud trio will drop “Wooden Butty” on local filth label Loner Noise on May 5th and it’s one hell of a return for them. The single is full of riotous fun charged with a strong gloomy Cramps-esque feel with a strong violent bursts of a Wytches style chorus that creates an powerful, weird image for the rising garage heroes.

Vocalist Sam Curran leads the tracks with his creepy, low-bringing voice and high octane and angry choruses, mixed with a punching riffs and overall guttural tension creates a sublime noisey sound that fails to hold back.

It’s a fine return for the Leeds gang, one that we’d suggest anyone familiar with Loner Noise’s dark catalogue or anyone who’s entangled with bands such as The Cramps, The Wytches, Wavves and even fans of bands like The Amazing Snakeheads should check it below.

The band will be doing a few dates around the single including a date at WRONG Festival on April 22nd. The single and it’s b-side will be out May 5th on Loner Noise.

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