Trudy and The Romance, Her’s, Tiny Trees, EBGBs 23/03/2017

On a easy Thursday night, we take to the basement venue EBGBs for our first time to take a lovely trip thanks to tonight’s dreamy bill headlined by mutant-pop wonders Trudy and The Romance.

Stepping into EBGBs for the first time is a quick breathtaking moment, the basement of the wonderful Heebie Jeebies is a perfected intimate venue, one that we can see being used for great gigs.

Tiny Trees, photography by James Ainsworth.

First up, almost spot on time, was the long-time-no-seen Tiny Trees opening up the show. Their dreamy sounds were perfect for the slot, the act led by Pink Kink‘s “Ginger Mad” Sam Maddison featured wonderful instrumentation and vocals are an act that to sounded like a young Robert Smith trapped inside a tranquil dream, however the final song of their set struck a chord for me with it’s dark, jam-style twisted ending  that included wonderful keyboard work. I’m excited to catch Tiny Trees again.

Her’s, photography by James Ainsworth.

Not long after we’re treated by Her’s once again, not long after we saw them outshine Dream Wife (which is a hard task) at the Buyers Club they somewhat do it again tonight. Bringing their catalogue of great songs back from SXSW last week, the duo also bring the crowd with sing-a-long help during songs like “Marcel”, “Speed Racer”, and others with them preforming a joyous, unique and overall great set. Her’s are an act that’s slowly rising up the ranks on their own terms and we can’t champion the duo enough.

Trudy and The Romance, photography by James Ainsworth.

Finally, the returning odd-pop heroes Trudy and The Romance hit the stage and provides an amazing set with all their knee shakin’ skills and songs, with their grand “mutant-pop” sounds including their wonderful numbers “Sandman”, “Baby I’m Blue” and the roaring number that had everyone dancing “Wild”. The band prove their keen and rising up and as their tour continues they’ll push with their launch into the spotlight.

While Trudy and The Romance rocked their slot, and maybe upstaged by their pals Her’s, it’s overall proving that Liverpool‘s dream-pop scene is one of the best around and includes pure fun gigs, as seen by this one.

Words by Jack Cinnamond, photography by James Ainsworth.

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