Thundercat – Drunk REVIEW

The restless multi-instrumentalist and producer returns with his vivid record full of star-studded soul, a whole lot of funk and even an inspired amount of soft rock.

The eccentric 23-track album is full of soul-filled life, especially with the cast of characters that joins Thundercat from Pharrell and Kendrick Lamar to Michael McDonald and Kenny Loggins.

The surreal, often disorienting tales propels us through the mind of a modern musical wonder and showcases his creative freedom over to 23 songs, taking us to all sorts of places and as soon as you get to the 12th song on the album “Tokyo”, you’ll realise that the unexpected is where you’re heading.

The title of the record is a grand indication to a large influence in the record, maybe not in actual fact but definitely within theory. It’s a stoned, drunk escapade only very few could get away with.

The main quarrels to be seen with the album in whole, the second act features the wondrous “Them Changes”, Thundercat‘s grand single from his The Beyond / Where The Giants Roam so-called mini-album over two years ago. While it’s a fantastic song, and by far his best single, to find it forced in-between “Friend Zone” and the slow jam “Where I’m Going” is a little disappointing.

The best song of Thundercat‘s career takes some sort of adrenaline out of the album for fans, while it stands next to the perfectly slowed “Where I’m Going” and along that note may be only there to feature the Kamasai Washington credit, who knows?

The overall genre bending, sound fusing record is unique and captures a modern musician showing his mind and influences with his own built kaleidoscope view and its glorious.

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