Margo Price, Jeremy Ivey, LEAF on Bold Street, 21/01/2017

As the crowd herded their way into the LEAF on Bold Street last night to hear the tales of the Midwest Farmer’s Daughter Margo Price, SFN‘s Jess Jayne Sharpe settled in for a nice evening.

Support for the night came from Margo’s husband Jeremy Ivey who played his way through his half hour set singing songs about greyhound busses, being a loner and making jokes throughout the set of how he wasn’t sure what he was playing and just kind of made his setlist up as he went along while the crowd definitely enjoyed his witty sense of humour and throwing subtle shade at America’s new President.


Before his short set finished Margo joined him on stage for a small jam session and a suicide love song as she described it called “I’m Gonna Miss Me” before they both left the stage.

At 9:25, the band strolled onto the stage and began to play shortly later walked on to the stage picking up her tambourine and joining in with the band, collectively titled The Price Tags. She kicked off the show with one of her most popular songs “About to Find Out” and it set the energy for the night there where people dancing and singing along throughout the show.

Margo performed several covers throughout the night including a cover of Dolly Parton’s “Jolene”, “Red Bandana” by Merle Haggard, a different set of covers from her last tour in August.

During her set she performed the song “It Ain’t Drunk Driving If You’re Riding a Horse” which she performed last year at her show in Manchester which we reviewed and has become a staple piece in her set list since, she explains how it’s written by her friend who hasn’t had the chance to really go out and perform music and how she she felt blessed to be able to perform for crowds of fans like here.


As the varied set was winding to a close she announced that she will be doing an encore but because there is no real backstage at LEAF that they would just stay on and play, starting with “Hurtin’ on the Bottle” and performing a cover of Kris Kristofferson’s “Me and Bobby McGee” and ended on a cover of  Rodney Crowell “I Ain’t Living Long Like This”.

As a performer Margo Price never fails to impress the crowd, her usual heartwarming kindness to all her fans really proves that, how she waited back at the merch stand to sign records and photos and from my personal opinion she is this ever growing talent who just excels even more in each performance and I can’t wait to be able to see her again soon.

Words by Jess Jayne Sharpe, photography by James Ainsworth.

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