CLUB.THE.MAMMOTH All-Dayer Feat. The Fall, Hookworms, Cabbage & More

We’re on a roll now, the club collective CLUB.THE.MAMMOTH headed to Liverpool to bring one hell of a billed event.

We started off with Pink Kink in the Loft. Before the vibrant Pink Kink even come on the stage. They brought out a few colourful cardboard decorations of various food items, that certainly brightened up the dull, dark stage. When the band came onto the stage, they certainly continued this fruit-fullness.

Pink Kink, photography by James Ainsworth.

Pink Kink started off, to an already packed crowd, with a slightly slow mellow song, showing their emotional psychedelia side of their music. The band quickly got going however, making the whole room buzz with energy. Pink Kink played a fantastic set and where the best I have ever seen them, bringing us nicely to the next band, Ohmns.

Ohmns came onto the stage with their usual jokey personas, but this time with a slight replacement to their line-up, Buddy, the guitarist from The flawless Floormen, who made a great replacement for Alex who unfortunately broke his wrist a few days earlier, despite not completely knowing all the song, yet he aced it. Ohmns played a glorious set of their majestic unholy racket. And the crowd loved them and get most of them, myself included utterly headbanging and having a fantastic time.

Goat Girl, photography by James Ainsworth.

Goat Girl arrived into the Theatre introduced by an unknown companion, oddly. They bring a laidback, quite-surf-like psych to the room, it’s a nice sound and the band play well. Their sound developed per song, quicker the pace went.

Eagulls bring a pounding, vibrate however revivalist sound to the Theatre, they sound like The Cure mixed with Joy Division, in an obvious-yet-accidental way. While they were enjoyable, it was a limited emotionless performance from the hyped four-piece. Actually, in hindsight they even opened a song with a snippet of Joy Division, influences since through.

Eagulls, photography by James Ainsworth.

Cabbage brought their political punk to the confines of the Loft, and already it’s far too small for them, fans and just spectators spilled in and full the room, as Cabbage pulled out their loud brash and very menacing post-punk songs.

“Uber Capitalist Death Trade” went down like thunder, with the band’s frontman Lee Broadbent diving into the crowd throughout. They’re a very powerful band and likely the closest thing we’ve got to the punk dream in 2017, they’re simply angry younglins and they want to loudly tell you about it. They next play the city at EBGBs for EVOL next month.

Cabbage, photography by Phil Johnson.

While Cabbage were menacing the Loft, Hookworms provided a sonic attack in the Theatre, synchronized lights and screen provided a well needed mind warp with their psychedelic power flying through, it’s an experience more than a set. They were the different band of the night, but after a sweaty, loud and quite a jaw-dropping set, we wish to see them back here anytime soon.

The Fall take to the stage half an hour late, as a band of their age and influence usually does. The Fall are one of those mighty legendary punk outfits that seemed to have been around forever (and they have), and they’re one of those everybody says “you should see them, they’re boss!”.

The band enters and begin, while Mark E. Smith begins his work from behind the stage, before popping up to crowd delight. He’s a legend, no doubt about it, but he proved he was outdated tonight, especially following exciting newer bands like Hookworms and Cabbage.

The Fall, photography by Phil Johnson.

Their set surely showed MES wandering aimlessly around the stage and simply mumbling with his trademark voice while a band loudly plays behind, it was simply nothingness. There wasn’t any aim or emotion, it felt like watching a band beyond their day or impact, Mark himself didn’t seem like he wanted to be there.

In the end, it’s a night that proves that the future is bright enough for some legends to call it a day, The Fall may be an act that should call it.

Props to CLUB.THE.MAMMOTH for a great night, with a greatly curated bill of taste and we wish they’d come back.


  1. Well, I think the Fall gave the most outstanding performance that day. MES’s pohuist stance, in contrast with the moshing audience,,,Great!


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