Introducing: Lasso Moon

 Lasso Moon, a relatively new alternative rock band sprouting out of Liverpool‘s current swim-or-sink scene have just pounded onto the scene with a sound unlike many at the moment, but more intertwined with some of alternative rock’s most influential acts.

All the way back in May, Lasso Moon quietly popped up in the city, containing members of two locals Broken Men and Sankofa, yet a few months later they arrived with a debut single titled “A Taste of You”.

The slow-brooding track builds up into something brash and grungy, but just slowly introduces you to Lasso Moon and their brand of rock. They’re definitely complemented by their influences, a strong mix of alternative rock and grunge names such as Pixies, Sonic Youth and even the likes of Nick Cave.

While “A Taste of You” just gave us a taste of them (apologies), it’s the just released second single “Kimota Codeine” which simply brings Lasso Moon to the front of our minds.

“Kimota Codeine” could be one of the best songs of the year, a very well-crafted powerful grunge anthem-to-be yet composed with honesty, held together by frontman Bobby Westhead‘s striking voice reminiscent of the likes of Eddie Vedder, or even to a better degree Scott Weiland.

Even better, “Kimota Codeine” is accompanied by a deep music video projecting Westhead sitting alone listening to the song, while he attempts to find a distraction . A note to modern music fans, who often don’t listen to what a song can tell, a sentiment felt by the likes of ourselves.

Lasso Moon are planning a launch show for “Kimota Codeine” in February. We heavily suggest keeping an eye out on this band.


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