Frank Turner, Felix Hagan & The Family, Esme Patterson, Mountford Hall, 21/11/2016

As Frank Turner returns to Liverpool for his second and final Liverpool date this year, we sent SFN’s everywoman Jess Sharpe down to catch the troubadour at work. 

The wind and rain came down this cold Monday night but it didn’t stop the crowd from coming to a night of what was expected to be an exceptional show, everyone was patiently waiting outside to get in and once we got in and put our coats away the show was already on its way. 

Esme Patterson, photography by James Ainsworth

Unfortunately we had came towards to the stage a few songs into Esme Patterson‘s set, the first song we caught was “The Waves”  from her newest release We Were Wild. Her performance was outstanding, as she gave off such a kind and positive vibe from her performance she had the crowds attention constantly throughout the set and was overall amazing. She later returned on stage to perform the song “Silent Key” which she her vocals have appeared on the track of Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls latest album.

Felix Hagan & The Family, photography by James Ainsworth

There was a short break and then Felix Hagan and the Family sashayed onto the stage glitter and feathers everywhere, they started with “You Better Be On The Inside Looking Out” and the crowd exploded, dancing and cheering, they then went into some of there songs from there 2015 Kiss The Misfits EP continuing to mesmerise the crowd with songs like “Chance It in The Fire” and ending there spectacular set with “Kiss The Misfits” this point if you had got soaked by the rain on the way in you would have danced it off and where in a positive mood ready for the main event.

Frank Turner, photography by James Ainsworth

9 o’clock and the Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls came onto the stage to a crowd of uproar from his very adoring and dedicated crowd, starting the show off with “I Knew Prufrock Before He Got Famous” and the crowd from that moment exploded and continued for the entirety of the two hour show, singing their hearts out. Playing a mixture of songs from all of his work, playing a lot of requests he had received before the show such as experimental version of “Broken Piano” a song for me that has always been able to give me goosebumps listening to it so being able to see it performed live which he rarely does, it blew me away I got chills just standing there experiencing it.

Frank Turner is such a passionate performer and you can see that straight away, the passion he gave constantly throughout the show whether it was when he decided to do a cover of Motöhead’s “Ace of Spades” or when he brought his brother in law out to sing him happy birthday and the send him to the other side of the room via crowd surf.

Frank Turner, Photography by James Ainsworth

Frank seemingly just wanted everyone to have a good time he made sure on multiple occasions that everyone was safe and still having fun making, having a twist on the infamous wall of death turning it into a wall of hugs to promote the message he was giving off acceptance and equality for everyone  while still having light banter to provoke the crowd that they were the best crowd and I know I definitely had an amazing night and the crowd showed no negative vibes from it.

Frank Turner, photography by James Ainsworth

Everyone left the gig that night feeling positive and accepted, Esme Patterson and Felix Hagan and the Family where at there merchandise table at the end of the show taking photos and signing tickets for the crowd, as the crowd emptied out it was without doubt that everyone had an a amazing night and not even the rain was gonna put this crowd down.

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