Artist You Should Know #2: Love, Ecstasy and Terror

Earlier this year, in the midst of new found fandom for his cult act She Wants Revenge, Adam Bravin formed his new solo act under the charming name Love, Ecstasy and Terror and he’s finally debuted the act’s debut single, the dark pulsing “Carousel”.

The lush single is as dark and brooding as anything She Wants Revenge ever released while giving off a minimal sense of lowliness, which seems to attract us more into the rich grim world of LoveXTerror.

It feels as-if between the She Wants Revenge reunion and the idea of starting a new act, Adam has been able to find his best work not seen since the early days of She Wants Revenge.

With new singles and more seemingly in-toe, Love, Ecstasy and Terror are our You Should Know for today.

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