​Dream Wife, pink kink, SeaWitches, Whitecliff, Arts Club Loft 01/11/2016 – Liverpool Music Week

The DIY/LMW Breaking Out series continues when fun-punk rockers Dream Wife step onto the Arts Club Loft stage with some great support. 
We walked in late to tonight’s proceedings, just as Whitecliff were on their penultimate song. The band didn’t seem to have the room’s attention and their music isn’t too original to grasp ours either. 
Following them shortly, the band who headlined our own debut Presents in August, SeaWitches preformed. With their music being as impactful as even, it’d be unfair to dismiss the fact they seem to have gone down the rabbit hole of forgettable. 
The music isn’t an issue, performing their well-received singles from a few months ago which prove excellent in a live form, however the band itself don’t seem to have a stage personality, and their stage attires don’t match the uniqueness of their music either. 
It’s a shame, since SeaWitches are a terrific band who could push well given the correct chances and overall image. 
The final support for the night came as the odd-pop team of pink kink finally returned after a Summer break. The first thing would be to note how perfect pink kink are as support to Dream Wife, they match quite well. 
Last time we caught pink kink was at the Invisible Wind Factory‘s opening, a few songs within their small set instantly struck a chord with us proving they’re just a fun band with great, unique music. Tonight, they seemed refreshed and louder. 

Their set was similar but included some slower songs and of course, aggressive numbers. It’s great to see the fun band has matured to a degree where their studio work will be unforgettable as much as live appearance is. 

pink kink, photography by Jess Sharpe

Ending with their overly-fun and bouncy signature song simply about pizza-boyfriend and such wonderful mad things, they surly know how to throw a party on-stage with their collective shouting and jumping. 

If anyone asks which bands are must-see in Liverpool, pink kink will always be the right answer. 

Dream Wife
took to the stage next, headlining. The Icelandic-Brightonian three-piece brought their carefree, grungy-punk attitudes to the Arts Club Loft to headline the penultimate DIY show. 

Their set was magical from start to finish, attacking our minds with their overly fun, grunge rock full of screaming and clapping. They’re pink kink on a whole other level. The highlight was their latest single, “F.U.U” with vocalist Rakel singing “I wanna fuck you up, I wanna cut you up” before the inevitable, brilliant screaming of “fuck you” commences and a small rapping verse happily stolen from Spice Girl‘s “Wannabe”

Dream Wife, photography by Jess Sharpe

Ending their set with their rocker “Hey Heartbreaker”, the act includes the joyful clapping from their repertoire to end the party and set. It’s quick, like a flash but enjoyable. 

Dream Wife
strikes as a band that will inevitably get big, especially on their own merits. 

Words by Jack Cinnamond, photography by Jess Sharpe

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