Transformer Events To Hold Debut Show In Manchester This May

TRANSFORMER, named in honour of Lou Reed‘s classic album, have announced their debut event in May 2017 featuring a massive, loud and post-punk filled line-up.

TRANSFORMER, the new series of shows will be held in commemoration to the legendary Velvet Underground frontman and innovative musical visionary Lou Reed will be debuting on May 28th at the Victoria Warehouse.

Headlining the debut event, the avant-rock experimentalists Swans led by multi-instrumentalist Michael Gira released their final album, the acclaimed The Glowing Man back in June and are sure to be a very loud treat.

The second band on the bill, set to headline another all-dayer in Liverpool by Club.The.Mammoth in January, are the classic post-punk outfit The Fall. The Fall played an original Wilson’s Factory Night at the Russell Club in Hulme, Manchester, which TRANSFORMER is also honouring with their series of shows.

Also billed are This Is Not This Heat, the modern line-up of experimental rock greats This Heat, after member Garath Williams‘ death in 2001 ended This Heat. Fifteen years later, the band’s surviving members Charles Bullen and Charles Hayward reunited for a series of acclaimed gigs in London, with an array of guests. Now This Is Not This Heat will finally preform in Manchester for TRANSFORMER.

The Royal Trux will rarely preform at the event also, the lo-fi noise rock duo will specially preform their first UK gig since their break-up in 2001 and this will be an unmissable set from the two, having notably not being in the same room or shared a stage together much since 2001.

LOOP, the recently quiet avant-garde South Londoners and must-read Argentinean duo Mueran Humanos are also on the bill.

Tickets are on-sale now.

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