The Big Moon, Trudy and The Romance, V Y N C E, Arts Club Loft 28/10/2016 – Liverpool Music Week

Tonight (28th), The Big Moon opened the DIY show series with a bang, with V Y N C E and Trudy and The Romance opening, we went down to the Arts Club Loft have a look.

Having only know each other a year, these wonderful ladies boast an impressive selection of singles and albums on their side, offering their eclectic indie-rock-pop style to the scene, these Londoners get ready to open DIY’s series of shows in Liverpool, as part of Liverpool Music Week, a series with no uncertain amount of anticipation.

V Y N C E, photography by Phil Johnson.

But firstly, V Y N C E, shuffled onto the stage offering a nervous explanation of the fact they were playing earlier. The band certainly seemed nervous, what seemed, like a held back response and I was left wondering what V Y N C E really had in their arsenal, but I don’t think it’s their fault, having only came on 5 minutes after doors opened, the crowd was small, thus not giving not much back to the band, which may have put them off a little, though recognition defiantly has to go to drummer, Tom Davis, who showed his beautiful technical and stylistic abilities on the kit and was unquestionably the best part of the show. Nerveless, V Y N C E warmed up the crowd for the next fabulous act, Trudy and The Romance.

Trudy and The Romance, photography by Phil Johnson.

Trudy played a fantastic set for ever increasing audience in The Loft. Offering songs like “Baby I’m Blue” and “Sandy”. With their energetic, seemingly cocaine induced, guitarist, Oliver Taylor who always moves like he’s having a seizure but defiantly keeps the momentum going and defiantly played a hell of a lot better than they did at this year’s LIMF. Perhaps it’s seeing them in an indoor venue, but Trudy and the Romance destroyed their set and the crowds loved it. In fact, they loved it so much four female fans [Editor Note: Actually fellow delightful oddballs pink kink) after being asked by Taylor, came on stage to join in with a song or two, an interesting sight and they unquestionably owned it despite being fans. At this point the crowd was all warmed up and ready for the main event, The Big Moon.

9 (1).JPG
The Big Moon, photography by James Ainsworth.

With the room now packed, The Big Moon came on with an explosive opening two songs. The set included “Keepers” and “Road” alongside other songs such as the title songs from both their new album Silent Move Suzie and their older work from Cupid and The Road. The Big Moon also played a unexpected, yet awesome, rendition of Madonna’s “Beautiful Stranger” and they absolutely made it their own and would have left the original lady with a tear in her eye.

The Big Moon, photography by James Ainsworth.

The band only played for a surprising forty-five minutes, though they used every second of it. The Big Moon rocked the Arts Club Loft, having great stage presence, the band seemed at home and interacted with the audience perfectly, and they absolutely loved them, lapping every word they said up to great thanks. A special mention must go out to the lead singer, Soph Nathen, who did remarkably well considering she had a sore throat that night, but we certainly couldn’t tell.

Overall a fantastic night. And a legendary opening for DIY’s shows and an outstanding addition to Liverpool Music Week, we’re now even more excited for what the rest of the week has in store.

Words by James Ainsworth, photography by Phil Johnson & James Ainsworth.

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