Deap Vally, The Velveteers, Invisible Wind Factory 20/09/2016

Just as the Californian rockers dive into the beautiful Invisible Wind Factory, our editor-in-cheif Jack Cinnamond followed them and decided to spend his Birthday night seeing at the IWF with them.

The Invisible Wind Factory was packed by time we got there, a little later than we hoped, but nonetheless it was quite an attendance. Just moments after arriving, the tour support The Velveteers hit the stage.

The Velveteers

The sibling guitar/drum duo were a perfect mixture of simplistic rock n’ roll and attitude, powered by the skilful guitar playing and powerful voice of frontwoman Demi Demitro and kept together with the drums.

With the same instrument line-up of Deap Vally, it’s no second thought of them being a great support. Their set was explosive, varied and kept us wanting more. All while warming the crowd up, just as they should. It’d safe to say, if The Velveteers make their return sometime in the near future, they’ll have a strong attendance of people who saw them here.

Shortly after The Velveteers, in-came Deap Vally kicking off “Little Baby Beauty Queen” off their latest LP Femejism (released last Friday). They came to present a rock show, the anticipation was in the air and they solidly delivered.

With their set hitting almost an hour and a half, Deap Vally explosively ran through their LP with older catalogue songs sprinkled in for good measure.

The stage presence was godly, with frontwoman Troy climbing on amps, drum kits and even a stage dive. No slowing down, always intense, the way a show by a band like Deap Vally should be.

The encore was out of this world, returning with wine to plummet through three more songs, ending with the magnificently preformed “Royal Jelly”.

Both The Velveteers and Deap Vally made a splash at the IWF, with both leaving jaws to the floor and people in need to buy their record. All round fantastic night of music, presented by EVOL.

Words by Jack Cinnamond, Photography by Phil Johnson

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