Classic New Wave Act The Vapors Return After 35 Years, Liverpool Date Announced

The classic New Wave band The Vapors have announced their reunion after just about 35 years of inactivity and their short four-date reunion tour includes the Liverpool Arts Club.

The band were primarily known for their classic hit “Turning Japanese”, which hit the Top 40 around the world and was succeed by a fantastic album New Clear Days (United Artists, 1980), and the far-less successful Magnets (United Artists, 1981) record. Just afterwards when the bands label Liberty (renamed from United Artists) refused to commit to a seventh single from the band, The Vapors disbanded.

Fast-forward to April 30th 2016, the band (minus Howard Smith) took to the stage at the Half Moon in Putney to preform “Turning Japanese” before leaving the stage. After months of reunion rumours, the band finally announced a four-date tour under the Waiting For The Weekend Tour name.

The band plays the Arts Club Loft on November 18th and tickets can be purchased now.

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