SeaWitches Release Double A Side You Need To Hear

Liverpool act SeaWitches have debuted a brand new double A side, “Tempest”/“Skylight” produced by local great Bill Ryder-Jones and they’re pretty great. “Skylight” was also played on Dave MonksBBC Merseyside show on Saturday night.

The first of the two, “Tempest”, is a dark pop song with a strong psychedelic feel, brooding bass lines provided by Saskia Clapton and echoey vocals create a sound very few are using in the current Liverpool scene. The four-piece are bringing together a sound similar to what I’d imagine The Velvet Underground & Nico to sound like in the ’80s, dark, punky electronic sounds wrapped in a mysterious packaging. 

The following track “Skylight” brings a more dark disco sound to the table with a overall louder sound, opens with a Malcolm X quote, yet less of a musical enigma. Vocalist/Guitarist Jo Herring‘s voice powering over beautifully backed with a tight guitar riff Jamie Jenkin‘s guitar.

Both tracks are available at the band’s Bandcamp, Spotify and elsewhere digitally.


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