REVIEW: Super Touchy by Strange Collective

Strange Collective, one of the Liverpool music scene’s latest fascinations have released their first EP titled Super Touchy (Salvation Records, 2016) to the world, and it’s pretty fucking great.

Filled with fuzzy guitar heavy psych rock and almost insane vocals, the five-track EP won’t take long to immerse you into the world of the Liverpool quartet, tracks much like “Frog Eye” contain almost hypnotic riffs that make your feet tap.

The band is known for their “untamed” live performances and many have wondered for a while how would that sound translate to a full studio release and now that we have our answer, it’s completely right to say that it’s translated in a correct and crazy way.

The highlight of the album would be the single “Heavy”, bringing in the listener with a wonderful soft sound with vocalist Alex Wynne’s soothing vocals and lyrics before progressing into a tight yet-manic outro held together with two duelling guitar riffs, one very rabid and the other contained created an almost perfect garage rock song.

The EP is an instant buy for us, five tracks from one of the best bands our city can offer with a unique style.

super touchy.jpg

Super Touchy is available now on streaming services (like Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer) and as a 12″ vinyl record, the latter we recommend as always.

and reminder, the band will be holding the EP launch party at Invisible Wind Factory on July 1st featuring a number of amazing acts joining them on a great bill.

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