John Carpenter to Headline Liverpool Music Week

The legendary film director and composer John Carpenter, most famous for films such as Halloween, Assault on Precinct 13 and Escape From New York and their accompanying scores, will headline this year’s Liverpool Music Week joining the previously announced openers Warpaint.

Carpenter is set to bring his critically acclaimed set to the Olympia on October 28th.

Carpenter is as much known as a composer as he is a director, as they both walk hand-in-hand. For every one of his iconic films, there is an identical excellent score.

While the “Horror Master” has been creating synth based scores for his films since the start of his career, he didn’t debut a standalone album until February last year with the critically acclaimed Lost Themes (Sacred Bones, 2015) and this year’s follow-up Lost Themes II (Sacred Bones, 2016).

Tickets for Liverpool Music Week (and full festival wristbands) are available right here!

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