Liverpool Calling 2016 Cancelled

After an announcement today on the event’s official Facebook page, Liverpool Calling have cancelled this year’s event without a disclosed reason.

The Liverpool Calling team stated they “looked at rescheduling, downsizing and other solutions but unfortunately we have been unable to find a way to keep the event alive” which has forced the cancellation.

They confirmed that the Bido Lito! social event featuring Pearness and Psycho Comedy will still take place at Muguire’s Pizza Bar for free and are currently looking to host a series of single events this Summer.

Coasts, Spector, Australian indie act Tired Lion, The Family Rain and many more were scheduled.

Stay tuned to their social media accounts and of course, Sounds From Nowhere to find out more on the eventful outcome of these shows in the near future. You can see their official press release below.


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