Strange Collective Record Launch Party Announced

Liverpool’s brightly shining garage rockers Strange Collective have announced a special EP launch party for July 2nd taking place at the newly opened Invisible Wind Factory.

Along with the band itself headling the all-day event across two stages, they will be joined by a host of guests which currently includes Beach Skulls, Lying Bastards, RONGORONGO, Cavalier Song, OHMNS, The Floormen, FUSS, Bathymetry, The Probes and Queen Zee & The Sasstones making this truly not a launch party, but a one-day festival with an overlining theme of an EP launch.

The event will be held within the walls of the Invisible Wind Factory which opened last weekend to public awe of the amazingly designed venue, which is run by the Kazimier team.

Tickets will be on-sale on the door for only £4, which with the line-up already is an absolute steal!


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