Liverpool Jazz Club: A Shortcut to Swing

As the Sounds From Nowhere team ascended on the Everyman Theatre for a nice evening of jazz hosted by the Liverpool Jazz Club, our very own jazz columnist Lee Cinnamond decided to cut his written-teeth early and do his review of the night. 

Duke Ellington once sang “It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing. One thing is for sure Liverpool Jazz Club definitely has got that swing.

Situated within the Everyman Theatre Bistro downstairs inside the Everyman Theatre on Hope Street, the club looked almost crafted specifically to infuse atmosphere into the entertainment the night provided. Sleek yet sophisticated the venue immediately warms you up for its nightly entertainment. Reasonably priced food and drink can by ordered from friendly staff.

Liverpool Jazz Club was established as a non-profit organisation by David Fishel in September 2003. It has changed venue a number of times, however since 2014 the club has made Everyman Theatre its regular hangout. Much like the jazz that was played the music and venue very much had harmony.
Drinks were flowing and laughter lowered to a whisper as the lighting dimmed ever so gently. The House Band suddenly flared to life as trumpets and saxophone resonated of the clubs bare brick walls, Piano and organ harmoniously accompanied and the drum beat took hold of people’s feet as the audience began to tap and clap.

The house band, Stan Williams (trumpet), John Padfield (sax, clarinet, flute), Andrew MacKenzie (trombone/vocal), David Fishel (piano, vocal), Grant Russell (bass), Ed Hannaby (drums, vocal) played with special guests intermittently entering throughout a night of swing, bebop and cool Jazz. Blues songs were also played. Guest performer Cian Radcliffe who has played Saxophone for just 4 years wowed crowds with just as equally virtuoso a performance as the house band.

Guest preformer, Cian Radcliffe in action.

Cian stated; “It’s unfortunate the way Jazz isn’t appreciated more as it’s overshadowed by pop music ” however he went on to say “I’ve played here a number of times and Liverpool Jazz Club is always busy” Clearly Liverpool still holds to its reputation as a city of sound appreciating the niche as much as the new.

The sounds of New Orleans, Kansas and Chicago were definitely present and finely played. Whether you were new to Jazz or an age old connoisseur of its culture and sound, it was OK to get swept up and lost within the music, as the artists performing knew exactly every step and beat of the journey, giving you a shortcut to swing.

IMG_0769 (1).JPG

Liverpool Jazz Club plays host to a free evening of music on the first Wednesday of each month starting at 7:30pm. Reserve tables in advance as they fill up fast.

Words by Lee Cinnamond, Photography by James Ainsworth.

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