Invisible Wind Factory Opens This Weekend!

That’s right, that headline is truthful, no clickbait here. 147 days ago, the legendary and iconic venue The Kazimier closed it’s doors. Yes, it’s been that long, or that short of time and we’re still not over it. The Kazimier was special, felt like the glue that held the powerful Liverpool scene together while hosting guests (with most picking The Kazimier over larger capacity venues simply because it’s influence) from incoming giants like Ghostface Killah to Liverpool legends like Deaf School.

While The Kaz is gone and we’re still sad, we’re also happy due to the aftermath. Since then, The Kazimier team have showed that they weren’t taken down and won’t be with the announcement of the Invisible Wind Factory.

The Invisible Wind Factory (IWF) is a whole new ballgame for the team, with the venue being billed as a “new space for the creation, fabrication and construction of arts, events, and experiences” and already announcing a steller opening weekend bill and the first official gig already on-hand in the form of post-punk, often experimental indie rock band Parquet Courts.


The entire weekend is filled with content to keep you’re attention busy, starting at 2pm on Saturday, IWF will open up for everyone free-of-charge for the day to showcase the entire venue from it’s outdoor to it’s indoor and host a few acts along the way.

We’ll get live performances from “far out” hip-hop act MOON and one of the most talked about acts in Liverpool right now in-the-form-of Pink Kink. Pink Kink are one of the most anticipated acts at Sound City on Sunday and you can catch a set from them (for free!) on Saturday which will sure to be amazing.

Sunday, we get live music from the jazz-pop act Dayne bringing their style to IWF while we also get OHMNS, the grunge garage rock band that has been making waves recently.

All while that’s not all on offer, the IWF also boasts Asian streetfood from PAO, a fully installed bar, the new garden area and DJs throughout the day from people like Walrus Soundsystem, Tomo Securities, Jacques Malchance + Wax Museum‘s DJ Trees and more will be there all weekend.

If you’re not heading to Sound City, then make sure you’re at the Invisible Wind Factory on Carlton Street for a opening like no other. You can find IWF on TwitterFacebook and at their site.

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