Interview with Bathymetry

Just before they take to the stage at Sound City‘s Afterparty this weekend (and playing Ten Years of British Wildlife in Leeds), we had a quick chat with the trans-genre dreamy trio Bathymetry. We’ll just crack to it, shall we?


 Firstly, for people who may not know who Bathymetry actually are, introduce yourselves…

There’s three of us and we mostly make music. We also make videos, art, dolls, masks, photographs, stories, spaghetti…the band is just an excuse to be kids forever. Not that anyone needs one. We live in Liverpool, Manchester, and the transpennine express.

Okay, to kickstart this whole process, we’ve seen your name everywhere in 2016 so far. Seems like you’re doing everything, aside from that killer Buyers Club gig you hosted back in April, you’ll be doing Sound City’s Afterparty this weekend and that’s about it until Skeleton Coast in August. How’s 2016 treated you so far? and of course, what’s your Summer plans?

This year has been lovely so far. Buyers Club was a dream gig and we were so happy to see glittery friends and strangers alike waving their glowsticks around and dancing. We just got back from playing the Alternate Escape in Brighton thanks to our friends at Earworm Events and it was our first ever gig in the south.

This weekend it’s up to Leeds on Saturday to play the Ten Years of British Wildlife! all dayer at Temple of Boom then Sunday is the Sound City Afterparty which should be brilliant! (The only tragedy is that our set is too close to Pete’s and we are going to miss him.)

Summer has a lot of cool stuff in it too! We are going to deepest darkest Wales to play Radnor Fringe Festival, have a few more gigs in the pipeline in various spots, and most exciting of all…new music!

We actually want to know about the name, Bathymetry, how did this get picked?

Our name was something else before but we had to change it because of legal things. During that time we discovered that every band name ever has been taken, well it seemed like it anyway! Stumbled into the word ‘bathymetry’ which is the scientific name for underwater map making. It was a wonderfully weird word and seemed to fit what we do.

Your self-titled debut album was released almost a year ago now, we’re still listening to it a year on and we’d like to know what’s your usual songwriting process like and where your inspiration usually come from?

We haven’t really settled into a regular process as each song unfolds in a different way. None of us live in the same city so one person usually comes to practice with an idea, the others make up whatever they want and it coalesces. Inspiration can come from any place and all of us are pretty different. They range from cartoons, to heavy metal, to old books…it’s an odd little melting pot.

So, we got you guys to curate us a playlist of some of your favourites and songs you’re into right now, we’re guessing this was a pretty easy task?We love playlists. Always happy to make any sort of list actually.

To end, the usual, anything you’d like to add? Any plugs?

This summer we have some music coming out. We can’t wait to share what we’ve been up to in the studio with Samwise.

Okay, so here’s the fun part, we’re starting a new series getting acts from all around to curate a playlist of their favourites, gems, influences and all that nonsense and Bathymetry took the idea like champs! Check out their playlist below on our official Deezer and Spotify accounts! You can find the band on Twitter, Facebook and of course, their site!
sfn bathymetry.png

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