Five Acts You Can’t Miss: FestEVOL ’16

We’re a week away from FestEvoL 2016, how exciting! The one-day festival has a stunning line-up this year and is looking to be a powerhouse choice for festival of the year. We sat down and decided to tackle this like we did Sound City.

5. Pink Kink

We’re kicking off with everyone seems to be talking about, known for their fun dancy rock n’ roll live appearances which have quickly gave the newcomers a name in the ever-growing Liverpool scene and have gotten them some strong opening slots with acts such as PINS.


Pink Kink will be playing the District at 2:45am.

4. Indigo Moon

The killer live act that bends the mold at times between psych-rock and as close to dancy as that could go, with a tight band line-up, Indigo Moon are one of the bands to you can’t miss in general not just at FestEvol.

We’d suggest seeking the bands other live appearances aswell, but FestEvol is their next!

Indigo Moon will play the District at 3:45pm.

3. Hooton Tennis Club

Indie rock local favourites and FestEvol 2016 co-headiners Hooton Tennis Club have already had a great 2016, supporting their album going all over the place, even hitting the massive SXSW Festival with the likes of Stealing Sheep. With the band already fondly taken with their UK audience, it’s looking like Heavenly Records and the band themselves are trying to crack America, which they’re doing a great job at already!


Hooton Tennis Club will Furnace stage at 9pm.

2. Strange Collective

The psychy garage rock favourites of Liverpool, Strange Collective haven taken 2016 by the balls already, they’ve got tons of buzz and are preparing to drop an EP on Salvation Records in July. Strange Collective are still kinda new and trying to get their name bigger, so they’ll be looking to make their headline slot at The Blade Factory the talk of the town the next day…


Strange Collective will headline the Blade Factory at 3:15am.

1. Juliette & The Licks

Okay, you’ve most likely seen Juliette in films such as Natural Born Killers, Cape Fear etc. but did you know that Juliette was a fucking rockstar? The indie rockers led by the energetic Lewis are embarking on a European Tour, where they’ll headline FestEvol 2016 and are currently planning the release of their new LP.


Juliette is known for her insane live shows and we’re sure she’ll be dropping some new songs throughout their set. They’re our choice for the act you can’t miss at FestEvol 2016.

Juliette & The Licks will play the Camp Stage at 12:30am.

Tickets for FestEvol, for next Sunday can be bought right here!

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