REVIEW: She Drew The Gun – Memories of The Future

Okay, this is going to start off very odd but stick with us, one day after the death of musical icon Prince, we was pretty sure that music was going to be a sorta touch n’ go form of art and entrainment for a few days, weeks etc. It’s very odd, MTV announced the return of music to their channel (and MTV Unplugged‘s return), Spotify and HBO announced a new quiz-like thing that matches your musical tastes to a Game of Thrones character – and yet, it seems like nobody gives a shit about anything.

Aside from our office playing Prince‘s 1999 (1982) and Prince & 3RDEYEGIRL‘s PLECTRUMELECTRUM (2015) all day, we decided to do our job and threw on the latest offering from one of Merseyside’s finest combatants in the ever-growing scene, you know the ones who are on Glastonbury‘s main stage this year? Yeah, She Drew The Gun.

and you know what? It worked, they pulled us out of the little funk of sadness with their dreamy debut album, Memories of the Future.

Not so long ago, She Drew The Gun released “Poem”, which has gained tons of airplay and is a favourite among it’s critics but looking deeper into the song you realise who She Drew The Gun are and who they are willing to be, they’re very aware of their surroundings. They’re political in their own way, nowhere near the attitude and “fuck you” attitude of Rage Against The Machine and nowhere near the laidback folky-ness of Bob Dylan, something their own.

The album doesn’t kick-off with that She Drew The Gun, instead it begins with the slow, fuzzy romantic track titled “Where I End and You Begin”. It’s an odd way to start an album in a sense, but you’re dropped into who they really are, it’s also the song on the album that shows off just how damn’ good Louisa Roach‘s vocals are.

It’s an album you can get lost in, She Drew The Gun catches the dreamy psych-pop vibe perfectly. Songs like “If You Could See”, “Pebbles” and “What Will You Do” standout on the first half of the run, especially the later which simply stands out by being different than the others.

The second run starts with the aforementioned political piece, “Poem”, which is easily one of the best songs released this year, captured the United Kingdom’s issues, broken ideals and suckyness in what? 4:18? Quite unreal for a band just about three years old, but it not only showcases those issues, it showcases She Drew The Gun. In that way, it’s actually the best song to be all over the place.

Later end is also solid, with songs like “Be Mine”, “Pit Pony”, being unique in their way while keeping intact with the overall album feel before we reach the end all too soon with “Or So I Thought”, which is pretty much what sleep feels like (in the best way).

The album successfully captures a new image for listeners, one that the band seems to be made of. If you’re one of those who needs a hook to like an album, then it may be a miss but for those of us who like to sitback and indulge with an album, this could be your favourite this year.

She Drew

You can listen to the album on Apple Music now, or Spotify below or go down the old fashioned route and buy it via Skeleton Key Records’ store (and grab it as a record, you won’t go wrong).

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