Sofar Liverpool Returns This Month

The world renowned Sofar Sounds returns to Liverpool on April 22nd, and for somebody who’s never been, we’ll explain the madness and beauty of Sofar.

Sofar, dating back to 2009, is a very special gig format that is now used in several different countries and dozens of cities in those countries.

It’s a beautiful format, which is simply for the music. Basically, here’s some of the reasons why it’s amazing.

maxresdefault (3)


– It’s as intimate as intimate can be, usually there is about 50 people in attendance for a session, sometimes it’s actually in somebody’s living room. You’ll get to see top notch talent in a way you’ll likely never again.

– Secrecy is cool, we all love our secrets as does Sofar. You don’t know who’s playing until you turn up (to combat what we call “headliner syndrome”, the fact you’ll skipped everyone else for the main act, and sometimes the opener can be better) AND you don’t even know where it is, until 24 hours before.

– It’s like a club, I mean, well, you have to sign up at for whatever city you’re in and just hope you’ll be selected, if so you can take a +1 on the adventure.

– There’s usually a fantastic line-up, previous Liverpool acts have been the likes of Bill Ryder Jones, Natalie McCool and others of that calibre. You won’t know until you turn up, and I personally love that.

You can sign up right here!

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