Record Store Day 2016: Jacaranda Records Will Be Participating!

Record Store Day 2016 is fastly approaching and for any record/vinyl junkies, it’s pretty much like Christmas, just a hell of a lot cooler. Liverpool hasn’t had many stores participating in recent years, but this year we’ve got a few. Probe Records will be involved along with 3B Records but the one place we wanna talk about is none other than Jacaranda Records.¬†

Jacaranda will be celebrating in style with a full day of events, the Jacaranda Records DJs will be on hand with the Beaten Tracks and Stylus DJs to play some favourites and odd-ones, and Mellowtone will present a special showcase with Edgar “Summertyme” Jones and Nick Ellis.

Finally, Jacaranda will have some acts preforming in the Basement with The American Hitmen headlining proceedings, Thom Morecroft and Rossa Murray are also scheduled along with some others. The entire day will be livestreamed on their YouTube channel, so you won’t miss a thing, well apart from snagging some exclusive records. I’m eyeing up that David Bowie release, and I’m sure I saw a copy of The Doors‘ “Disquaire Day” will be stocked.

So if you’re not busy, get down to Jacaranda at 10am next Saturday (16th April) for some great records and good entertainment, I’ll be there, so you should!

Here’s a full list of what you can pick up! (NOTE: Most of these won’t be available at Jacaranda, but some will, you’ll have to turn up and find out).

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