Prog Rock Legends Yes To Preform at Philharmonic Hall in May

The progressive rock legends and one of the most fascinating bands in music history, Yes will preform at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall on May 2nd.

Since 1968, Yes have been making their style of music known to the masses. from early gigs replacing Sly and The Family Stone to opening for Cream during their farewell show, the early years for Yes were packed with numerous important events but it wasn’t until 1971 did the band start to form something uniquely great.

In 1971, Yes released two of their most known albums, their commercial breakthrough success The Yes Album (featuring the well known, “Yours Is No Disgrace”, “Starship Trooper” and “I Seen All Good People”)  and the absolutely stunning Fragile (featuring “Roundabout”, “South Side of The Sky”, “Long Distance Runaround” and the mesmerising “Heart of The Sunrise”) and the addition of Rick Wakeman (who had been known for his studio rounds with acts like T. Rex, David Bowie and Elton John) to the latter record changed everything for Yes. Within the year, the band had released two amazing albums and toured Europe for 28 dates with Iron Butterfly, there was no stopping them.

The band stayed pretty steady since ’71 releasing more well received albums such as Close To The Edge, Relayer and Tales From Topographic Oceans but in October 1979, the band almost saw the end of their days too soon, when the infamous Paris Sessions took place. The band was struck with inner turmoil which led to singer Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman leaving Yes.

Luckily, the band didn’t disband at that point, Squire & co. made sure to keep Wakeman and Anderson‘s leaving a secret and proposed moving on as a three-piece but it wasn’t until pop duo Geoff Downes & Trevor Hom aka The Buggles (famous for “Video Killed The Radio Star”) approached the band, who were recording in the same building, with a song titled “We Can Fly From Here”. Seeing a brand new opportunity to continue with a new creative lease, Yes asked Downes & Hom to join Yes and they obliged.

The band, with it’s new added members, released the album Drama in 1980 but sadly after a badly received tour, Yes decided to disband. Lots of changes happened, with Howe & Hom forming Asia (with John Wetton of King Crimson and Carl Palmer of Emerson, Lake & Palmer) and Squire attempting the band XYZ (Ex-Yes and Ex-Led Zeppelin) with Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, the band all went different ways.

The band reunited shortly in 1983 and have been on-track ever since, releasing 11 more albums and a bunch of line-up changes until today, now the band are about to embark on a grand European Tour where they will play 1971’s Fragile and (for the first time ever) Drama in full.

Yes, now consisting of Jon Davison, Steve Howe, Alan White, Geoff Downes and Billy Sherwood, although with none of the original members, Yes seems correct and completely able to preform these albums in a way that you will never forget.

Yes pulls into Liverpool May 2nd and tickets are pretty much gone, but there are a few available right here.



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