Our Odd Weekend at Threshold Six

Threshold Six was this past weekend, April 1-3, bringing a rather large and oddly cool line-up to The Baltic Triangle for another year and sure enough, we went.

Boasting a great line-up featuring the likes of Natalie McCool, Colonel Mustard & The Dijohn 5, Galactic Funk Militia, Baba Soul & The Professors of Funk, The Destroyers etc.

The reason our weekend was random? We saw none of them. No, seriously, we didn’t see any of the headliners and sure, that wasn’t likely a good idea (especially when we have alterer motives) but I’m still quite sure (on this Wednesday afternoon) that it was actually a good thing. It’s a good thing because we can talk about some of the shit we saw, that others didn’t.

Here’s a few highlights from what we saw, in a nice bullet point format…

  • Lillium: Well, according to GetIntoThis, Lillium was the talk of the town on Friday after their gig at the Black Lodge, the still-quite-a-live-virgin band preformed a short set of maybe 3/4 songs, after the first, their bass drum broke and just like a band of their style and attitude should do, they turned it around and continued. Quite a odd set, but nonetheless a highlight.
  • Amique & The Ecstasy: That’s right, we caught the extremely talented Amique. We walked into Constellations pretty late on Friday, and walked through that little cafe at the front right to the back, right to the bar and in the middle of Amique interacting  with a group of girls in the crowd and instantly thought, “man, this guy is pretty charismatic”. The guy decided to end with a number that the band usually jams through, being a upcoming funk revival act, on a personal note, that moment where Amique did the whole “hit me one time!” James Brown move and drove that to the bridge, was a personal highlight, obviously the dude knows his roots.
  • The Soul Rays: This girl-fronted soul act took the opposite stage of Amique about ten minutes later, and played a nice set that had people dancing. Standing by the door, I could tell you that barley nobody left, that’s how good they were. They were a delightful act I hope to see again.
  • Richard Lomax: Saturday, the feeling from Friday night was still in the air, we went to Unit 51 (AKA Baltic Creative) for a chilled sitdown, we was met by Richard Lomax, who was backed by a violin, dums and keyboard. He played a nice set, had that folky vibe to him, sung songs about the first lady to ride a bike in Preston (“Edith Rigby”, she was also a suffragette). He brought up Friday’s headliner, Natalie McCool for a simplistic yet-beautiful duet.
  • Spares: A few of us went outside to take some photographs of the venue, I think it was ten minutes tops, when we came back the tables had been moved and there was a large standing section in the center of this cafe type-place. Spares hit the stage, begging people to come forward, “You can do whatever the fuck you want, we do!” the frontman claimed. Smashing multiple signs throughout their rambucious set, throwing around a beach ball and bashing through a pretty-cracking song titled “Tokyo”. The band could’ve been a great experience, but I’d say they were in the wrong venue, maybe somewhere like The District would’ve been a match for their Guns N’ Roses style of rock.
  • Rodney Cromwell: Man, this guy was oddly great. The Baltic Social, a restaurant with all odd different chairs and even a cool David Bowie painting on the wall. Rodney was a retro synthwave artist, accompanied by a screen playing a video connected with the music. This was a nice end to our Saturday.
  • Øyvind Weiseth: Sunday was the quiet day early, most acts didn’t start until 3:00pm so we decided to look around. About 2pm, we went to the Hobo Kiosk, a small store/basement at the start of Jamaica Street.When we went down, there was four people sitting around watching Weiseth, a Norwegian acoustic artist. He was nice, peaceful as an act, introducing all his songs telling stories behind some.
  • Alx Green: Alx played the Black Lodge on Saturday, an actual set, now it was simply him and his guitar in a full room of what? Eight people? It was nice, he preformed his current signature song “Hallow”, and we even filmed a little of it.
  • The Lotharios: Okay, we ran to 24 Kitchen Street to catch the final scheduled act of Threshold Six, they were a party band doing covers and mash-ups, and we’re actually pretty fun. They had everyone dancing and to end the weekend, that was a good thing. Their version of the Talking Heads classic “Psycho Killer” was the highlight of their set, although throwing “Jump Around” by House of Pain into “Electric Avenue” with a few other songs, was smartly done.

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